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TTC -Antifreeze Protect C11 Concentrate, Yellow

TTC -Antifreeze Protect C11 Concentrate, Yellow
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  • Eco-friendly 1.2- Ethanediol (monoethylene glycol) based nitrite, amine and phosphate-free coolant for cooling circuits in combustion engines which provides maintenance-free corrosion and frost protection.

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Application Notes:
Protect C11 Antifreeze Concentrate with frost and rust protection. Use according to the mixing chart. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations.
Even in summer coolant must contain enough antifreeze to ensure good corrosion and overheating protection.
  • Excellent for light metal engines
  • Good reserve alkalinity
  • High-quality corrosion additives for optimal corrosion protection 
  • Elastomer compatible with elastomers used in automotive radiators 
  • Instructions: Clean cooling system, check for leaks, flush.
Mix Protect C11 Antifreeze Concentrate with fresh water (per mixing chart) and add. Allow engine and heater to warm up, add coolant to fill level.  
Mixing chart:
Antifreeze protection to approx.          Parts antifreeze        Parts water
           - 12°C                                                         25 %                        75 %
           - 20°C                                                         35 %                        65 %
           - 37°C                                                         50 %                        50 %
Quality Classifications:
VW TL 774-C (acc. to G11 quality), ASTM D 3306 (USA), BS 6580 (GB), O Norm V 5123 (Österreich), JIS K 2234 (Japan), CUNA NC 956-16 (Italien), AFNOR R15-601 (Frankreich), SAE J1034, UNE 25-361 (Spanien), ASTM D 6210, ASTM D 4985, ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 1384, ASTM D 2570, ASTM D 2809, FORD WSS-M97B51-A

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